Mi-Feed is a boutique stock feed mill on the Sunshine Coast at Yandina. In operation since 1979 we were the first to incorporate the micronisation process into the manufacture of stock feed.

Equine Feed

Mi-Feed manufactures a range of equine feeds for all disciplines. Our range consists of micronised grains which have proven time and time again to be beneficial to the overall health and digestion of your animal.
One of the contributing factors of colic in horses is the fast consumption of dense grains. Micronised grains are less dense and bulkier than traditional feeds and by their nature have the potential to slow down the intake of feed and therefore decreasing the chances of colic.

Dairy Rations

We source top quality grains and related raw materials in order to manufacture a top quality product. Mi-Feed is Feed Safe accredited for your piece of mind

Mi-Feed manufactures a range of dairy rations ranging in protein from 12% to 18%. The rations are in a pelletized form or as a micronized grain muesli. We have a number of clients for whom we custom manufacture specific rations upon instruction of their nutritionist.

Poultry Rations

Mi-Feed manufactures a range of Poultry Rations in the layer categories. All rations are scientifically formulated to achieve the best results.

Poultry Rations are available in a grain mash or in pelletized form. All grain mashes include molasses for increased palatability to the animal.

Beef Rations

Feed for profit with high quality Beef Rations including Calf Muesli, Beef Flakes and Stud Cattle Mix.
The process of micronisation ensures that starches in the grains are gelatinized to maximize nutritional intake. In other words, feed less and get the same results, feed the same and see your animals thrive.
These rations are scientifically formulated and manufactured from high quality grains such as Barley, Sorghum, Maize, Soybeans and Lupins.