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Tryconnell – we call him Smooch

Meet Tryconnell. We call him Smooch. At the tender age of 19 he came to us in fairly skinny condition and we thought that he deserves better, so Mi-Feed has sponsored him and will feed him up to bring him back into the good condition he once was. Once upon a time Smooch was a […]

Chicken eggs

Feeding the backyard choock – Part 2

As mentioned before, we need to either grow the chicken from day-old until it reaches the age when it starts to lay eggs, or we buy point-of-lay pullets. If you buy day-old chickens, the first type of feed you need to supply is a Chick Starter (such as Mi-Chick Starter). Start feeding this from the […]

The story of two rescued horses

Two months ago Mi-Feed decided to work with Last Chance Horses Bald Hills and donate a bag of the Mi-Feed equine range to anyone who purchased and rescued one of the horses which were destined for the slaughter house. We sent our sales rep Toni Colburn to visit the facility and drop off vouchers for […]

Feeding Made Simple – Part 6.

This is the last article in our series on Feeding Made Simple and it all relates to water. Taking into account that a horse may live about three weeks without food but could die within a week without water, horse owners and handlers should pay particular attention to the quality of water available to their […]


Feeding the backyard chook – Part 1

There are many reasons to have a chicken coop in your back yard. The most obvious reason is a constant supply of fresh eggs, but also keeping and caring for the chooks is a valuable life lesson for children. Also keep in mind that chooks are great recyclers of kitchen waste and consequently increase the […]

Feeding Made Simple – Part 5.

Vitamins are the topic for discussion in this issue. Horses like us need vitamins for normal bodily functions. These needs will vary according to the age and stage of each horse and their living situations. For example stabled horses have different requirements than paddock horses. Horses on well-managed improved pasture are likely to require little […]

Feeding Made Simple – Part 4.

In this article, and the next, we would like to touch on an area of horse nutrition that poses most difficulty for the owner – that is Minerals and Vitamins. This is such a complex area that we must be very careful to be guided by the professionally qualified Nutritionist. Horse owners are infamous for […]

Feeding Made Simple – Part 3.

Our first two articles have concentrated on the basics of horse management. We are now able to briefly introduce the horse feeds manufactured by Mi-Feed. These feeds are available through our produce agents or in bulk from our mill in Yandina. In conjunction with leading Equine nutritionists we have formulated eleven horse feeds. Each feed […]