• Pelletised feed providing the essential nutrients for growing pigs. Pig Grower pellets are a complete feed for growing pigs from 20kg to slaughter weight. Feed between 1kg to 2.5kg depending on the liveweight of the pig. Feed must be introduced to pigs over 3 to 5 days.

    • Pelletised feed eliminates sorting of feeding minimising wastage
    • Fortified with all essential minerals to ensure requirements are being met to keep pigs healthy
  • Millrun Pellets  is produced from the milling of wheat for flour. It is palatable and can be feed at high levels. It is widely used in equine, dairy, poultry, pig and cattle rations and also as a supplementary feed. It is a valuable source of protein and recent tests indicate by-pass protein of 75.2%.

    Millrun Pellets can be easily incorporated into diets and are often an economically competitive source of protein or energy.

    Millrun Pellets are very palatable and require no additional processing in comparison to feed grains. Since millrun contains higher levels of fiber and reduced levels of starch when compared to the wheat kernel, digestive disturbances are less of a concern.

    However, the finely processed starch that remains (ranging from 17 to 45 percent by weight) and the small particle size of fiber would indicate incremental ration changes for adapting ruminants to millmix. Do not give unadapted cattle free access to millmix.