Roasted Stud Cattle
is a high protein and energy feed designed to optimize growth and development in show and stud cattle.

Micronised Grains (Sorghum, Barley), micronised lupins, vegetable protein meals, vegetable oil, molasses, urea, sodium bentonite, limestone, dicalcium phosphorus, salt, specialised cattle vitamin and mineral premix.

Protein % (min)16
Energy MJ/kg (min)11.5
Fibre % (max)8
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Provides all the nutrition for growth and shine on your show and sale cattle. High protein and energy feed designed to optimise growth and development of show and stud cattle. Lasolocid sodium is added at rate of 41.25mg/kg to improve live weight gains and feed conversion efficiency in growing cattle. To help control the clinical signs of coccidiosis and reduction of faecal shedding caused by Eimeria sp in growing cattle.

  • Micronised grains allow for amximum digestibility and energy utilisation of the grains
  • Fortified with all mineral and vitmains essential for maintaining health and development
  • Vegetable oil is added to help with coat condition and shine
  • Molasses is added for palatability

Stud Cattle can be fed to cattle at a maximum level of 2% of their body weight
Feed must be introduced slowly to cattle over a 2 to 3 week period. Feed must be fed in conjunction to a fibre source (pasture and or hay).