Accomplish Horse Pellets

The Premium Choice in Calm Conditioning Pellets


Barley , Wheat , Legumes , Protein Meal , Bran , Pollard , Molasses , Vitamin and Minerals.

Min Crude Protein16%
Max Crude Fibre15%
Energy (mjDE/kg)12.5
Min Crude Fat02.00%
Max Added Salt01.50%

Product Description

A palatable and nutritious Feed, containing the essential levels of Energy, quality Protein and Fibre for health and vitality. An ideal Conditioning Pellet formulated for light to moderate equine activities.

Feeding Guide for Accomplish Horse Pellets:

  • Accomplish Horse Pellets can be fed up to 4kg per day in conjunction with a minimum of 1% body weight of good quality pasture, hay and/or chaff.
  • Introduce Accomplish Horse Pellets in to the diet slowly over 7 to 14 days.
  • Ensure all horses have access to clean and fresh water.
  • Feed Accomplish Horse Pellets by weight, not volume.
  • If feeding more than 0.5% of Accomplish Horse Pellets plus other grains per day, divide the total daily amount into two or more equal feeds.
  • Accomplish Horse Pellets can be fed with any of the James & Son Premium Horse Feed range.
  • The feeding rates of Accomplish Horse Pellets are provided as a guide only. The actual amount fed should be adjusted to the horse‚Äôs current work load, temperament, body condition and climate.
  • Do not add additional vitamins/minerals without veterinary consultation.

For further dietary and nutritional advice please contact James & Son, Premium Horse Feed.

Formulated and recommended for horses :

  • Used for pleasure riding, pony club etc.
  • Spelling or in light work.
  • During reproduction and growth.
  • Recovering from strenuous work.
  • In endurance and performance sport.

Nutrient level per kG of performance (as fed):

Vitamins and minerals are essential for all facets of growth, development, activity, body maintenance and exercise.

Calcium 10.0g Copper 59.0mg Methionine 125ug
Phosphorous 5.6g Chromium .0.5g Folic Acid 4.8mg
Lysine 6.6g Cobalt 0.6mg Thamine 21.2mg
Sodium 4.0g Selenium 1.0mg Riboflavin 8.4mg
Chloride 7.2g Iodine 1.8mg Niacin 106.4mg
Potassium 7.4g Vitamin A 10000IU Vitamin B5 25.4mg
Magnesium 3.3g Vitamin D 2000IU Vitamin B6 24.9mg
Manganese 196mg Vitamin E 319IU Vitamin B12 36.25ug
Zinc 176mg Vitamin K 1.5mg  
Iron 313mg Biotin 0.3mg