High Pro Horse Developer

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Barley , Lupins , Soy , Black Sunflower Seeds , Oil , Accomplish Horse Pellets , Faba Beans Molasses , Vitamins and Minerals.

Min Crude Protein24%
Max Crude Fibre09.00%
Energy (mjDE/kg)14.5
Min Crude Fat06.00%
Max Added Salt01.50%
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Product Description

A non-oat Muesli Mix containing very high levels of Energy and Protein, formulated from rolled and micronized Grains, blended with Molasses and Oil.

Feeding Guide for Conditioner:

  • If feeding more than 1% of body weight of High-Pro plus other grains per day, divide the total amount into two or more equal feeds.
  • A versatile non oat, high protein, premium muesli mix formulated and balanced for optimal development and condition.
  • Introduce High-Pro into the diet slowly over 7 to 14 days.
  • Ensure all horses have access to clean and fresh water.
  • Feed High-Pro by weight, not volume.
  • If feeding more than 0.5% of High-Pro plus other grains per day, divide the total daily amount into two or more equal feeds.
  • The feeding rates for High-Pro are provided as a guide only. The actual amount fed should be adjusted according to the horses age, desired rate of growth or stage of pregnancy or lactation, as well as the horses body condition and climate.
  • Do not add additional vitamins/minerals without veterinary consultation.
  • For further dietary and nutritional advice please contact James & Son, Premium Horse Feed.

Formulated and recommended for horses :

  • Broodmares during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Stages of rapid growth and development.
  • Early stages of racing career.
  • Weanlings and yearlings preparing for sale.
  • Horses requiring rapid recovery or weight gain.

Nutrient level per kg of performance (as fed):

Vitamins and minerals are essential for all facets of growth, development, activity, body maintenance and exercise.

Lysine15.0gCobalt1.3mgFolic Acid7.4mg
Potassium10.5gVitamin A17500IUNiacin77.6mg
Magnesium3.4gVitamin D1900IUVitamin B520.3mg
Manganese273mgVitamin E538IUVitamin B611.7mg
Zinc266mgVitamin K2.7mgVitamin B1255.2ug


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