Roasted Work Horse Flakes

Hard working horses need to be kept in optimum conditioni. Meeting the nutritional requirments of these horses is an essential part in maintaingin their health and condition. Mi-Feed Work Horse Flakes are specifically designed to meet the requirements of mature horses during moderate and hard work.

Micronised Grains (Barley, Oats, Maize), Micronised Soybeans, Vegetable Protein Meal, Black Sunflower Seeds, Lucerne Pellets, Molasses, Vegetable Oil, Concentrate Pellets (contain all essential vitamins and minerals), salt, Vitamin E, Vitamin B & C

Protein % (min)12.0
Energy MJ/kg (min)13.0
Fibre % (max)10
Fat % (min)5.0
Calcium %1.0

Product Description

Cool energy filled feed keeping your horses performing at their maximum potential

  • Micronised Grains provide digestible and safe energy
  • Sunflower Seeds and vegetable oil provide cool energy and brilliant coat condition
  • Fortified with all vitamins and minerals to ensure requirements of working horses are being met to maintain optimum health
  • Added Vitamin E to protect body against oxidative damage during excercise
  • Vitamin B for maximum energy protection
  • Molasses for palatability
Feeding guide kg/day300KG400KG500KG600KG
Light Work0.5-1.50.5-2.01.5-2.52.0-3.0
Moderate Work1.0-2.01.5-3.52.0-4.02.5-4.0
Heavy Work2.0-3.02.5-4.53.0-5.03.5-6.0


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