Sunshine Laying Mash – No Sorghum

Mi-Feed Sunshine Laying Mash is a complete feed made up of cracked and whole grains suitable for domestic laying hens

Cereal Grains (maize, wheat), vegetable protein, cracked lupins, vegetable oil, calgrit, specialized layer vitamin and mineral premix.

Protein % (min)15
Energy MJ/kg (min)11
Fibre % (max)5
Lysine% (min)0.6
Calcium %3.5

Product Description

Sorghum free Sunshine Laying Mash for fussy poultry.

A complete balanced grain and protein mix that will keep your hens laying. Sunshine Laying Mash is a complete feed for domestic laying hens and domestic chickens and should be fed to hens from the point of lay. Sunshine Laying mash should be available to hens ad libitum (available at all times)

  • Vegetable oil provides linoleic acid which is important for egg weight
  • Sodium Bentonite added to provide grit to hens to aid in digestive process
  • Fortified with all essential minerals and vitamins to keep layers healthy
  • Molasses helps bind all particles and minimise dust


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