The story of two rescued horses

toni colburnTwo months ago Mi-Feed decided to work with Last Chance Horses Bald Hills and donate a bag of the Mi-Feed equine range to anyone who purchased and rescued one of the horses which were destined for the slaughter house.

We sent our sales rep Toni Colburn to visit the facility and drop off vouchers for the new owners. Toni being who she, is took it one step further and purchased a mare she called Scirocco. If you know anything about VW (the car) then by now you have figured that Toni is a VW fanatic and named her new horse after a new model VW (Scirocco)

Scirocco did not have a bright future in front of her. She was 14, possibly a thoroughbred, skinny and looked like she had a hip fracture that would prevent her from ever being ridden again. It looked like all that Scirocco could provide is companionship.

Whilst waiting to be rescued by Toni, Scirocco made friends with an elderly gentleman called MAC. MAC is a 14 year gelding, possibly a warmblood cross. When Scirocco was meant to go, he had a fit and Toni, being Toni, decided to buy MAC as well.

Their new home is at Mooloola at an agistment farm owned by Sharni Houston. Sharnie has been a long time Mi-Feed customer. Sharnie rescued a 17 hh thoroughbred whom she called Dally. Sharnie got in touch with Mi-Feed via Facebook to get her free bag of feed, ended up talking to Toni and the rest is history.

All that was 6 weeks ago. This is what MAC looked like on the 12th of Junea
And this is what he looks like today.
This was MAC and Scirocco three weeks after being rescued.b

Well – it turns out that Sciroccos suspected fractured hip injury seems to be a very old injury and she is fine.

As for MAC he is in love and both are planning to live happily ever after.

What were they fed? Both horses have been on Mi-Feed Bulk Up for the past six weeks and hay.

Bulk Up